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Lunch Box 387: Inauthentic noodles


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Let the sunshine in Normally I do experimental cooking on the weekends. I had plans for things to try on Sunday, but then a chronic condition acted up and left me without the energy or desire to cook food. Saturday's leftovers to the rescue!

Here's some jjol myeon (Korean spicy chewy noodles) with vegetables. I don't know the proper way to cook jjol myeon - the packaging is no help to this non-Korean-reading person, and I haven't found any website that could tell me much more than "noodles with vegetables." So, I cooked it pretty much the same way I cook yakiudon: pull veggies and other likely things out of the fridge (in this case lotus rootlets, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli stems, red cabbage, yellow squash, and snow peas), stir-fry them, then dump the cooked noodles in and stir-fry them a little more. Lately I haven't even been stir-frying things properly - I've been simmering them in shiitake-infused water, which adds some nice flavor and leaves out the oil calories. Oh, I also put some of the spicy sauce on the noodles, but only as much as I could tolerate. The noodles came with two sauce packages. I've used up over half of the noodles and less than a third of one of the sauce packages. Me and my wimpy taste buds.

In front of that I have a rather freaky rainbow rolled omelet. This time I had two cups of egg - one red and one blue - and I alternated between the two to get that stripy look. On the other side there be a peanut mochi, some fresh lychees, and a fruit salad made with mango, grapes, and more grapes.

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