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Lunch Box 391: The other blue meat


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In the deep blue seafood Still not done with the blue food! I finally tried blue-ifying some meat, specifically squid, and here you see the result: squid sushi made with blue squid. I had most of the squid with a teriyaki dinner, but I saved these two pieces to record for all time my complete hardcoreness.

I also have smoked salmon sushi, to contrast with the blue squid (and blue lunch box - not the best planning, that), zucchini & onion stir-fry, Sesame Crisp Flakes, and a few broken-up sticks of Goka (5 fruits) Pocky. Not pictured: some dried cherries I put under the top lid of the box in the space where the chopsticks would have gone. If I'd thought of it earlier I would have stuck the cherries in with the sesame brittle and put the Pocky in the lid, where it could have rested in its original unbroken state.

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