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Lunch Box 396: A study in textures


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Texture study Here's some food! Namely yaki onigiri topped with smoked salmon, storebought pork & shrimp dumplings, fried potato skinsedamame, a turnover, and some strawberries.

The turnover is a mystery dessert to me. When I made this batch I used a variety of fillings and deliberately didn't mark the turnovers, so I have no idea what's inside. Cherry? Strawberry? Anko? Nutella? A mixture? Your guess is a good as mine!

By the way, I always see new things then I look at the photos. When I packed this I was just trying to put together a more-or-less balanced lunch with a variety of compatible flavors, but when I saw the photo today I was struck by all the neato textures and shapes. The rough potato skin, the smooth dumplings, the wood-grain-like fish, the fuzzy bean pods, and so on. This is, I suppose, the legacy of my years on art college, in which we deconstructed images in terms of compositional elements. Which is a complete non-sequitur here, but I've typed it and I'm not gonna delete it. So there.

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