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Lunch Box 400: More cartoon beans


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Up to her neck in noodles Courtesy of Seacrest Farms, makers of yesterday's Spongebob edamame, today I have Dora the Explorer edamame. Why? I've never even seen the show. Well, because it was at a good price, that's why. And the Spongebob edamame were in their pods, while the Dora ones are shelled. That may be an important distinction to those kids you're trying to trick into eating organic soybeans.

Dora is stuck in a bog of jjol myeon (Korean spicy chewy noodles) with chicken & vegetables. This finishes the pack of noodles, and I've only used half of one of the three spicy sauce packs that come with them. My tastebuds are wimps, every single one of 'em. I also have a boiled egg, hoddeuk, fresh lychees, and a fruit salad made with baby bananas, orange segments, red grapes, and blueberries.

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