My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 413: Recycling is good.


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That purple is for real. The main item in today's lunch is a strange hybrid of oden and hunter's stew. The last time I made oden I used light soy sauce, which is much saltier than the regular stuff. It wasn't so bad when I was eating the chunky stuff, but the broth itself - whew, salty! So, when I finished the solid bits I thinned out the broth to half strength with water and threw in a bunch of veggies and stuff - potatoes, quail eggs, squash, cabbage, carrots, shiitake, seafood medley - and basically made a second stew. It turned out good.

I have the some of my usual staples: edamame and a fruit salad made with apple, orange, craisins, and blueberries. And I also have banana bread, which I baked for the first time ever this weekend and it turned out just perfect. I was really impressed with how easy and delicious it is. I love it when new dishes turn out so well!

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