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Lunch Box 418: The other white meat


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Chicken & Rice Nuggets The fuzzy-looking substance in the lower left of this lunch is not just rice, but pearl meatballs - steamed, rice-covered meatballs - made with chicken. Technically pearl meatballs should be made with pork, and I've substituted beef. I'd planned to use beef this time as well, but then I found out that what I'd defrosted was actually ground chicken. Oh well! So I made the meatballs, and the meat mix was a bit softer than usual, so the meatballs ended up kind of flattened and weird instead of nice round balls. But, what they heck, they taste great!

And I have light-fried plantain chips, the colors of which I quite like, and the taste ain't bad either. And takoyaki and edamame out of my freezer, bulla out of my fridge, and rice crackers outta my cupboard.

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