My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 425: Déjà vu?


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Repeat? Not too special-looking, is it? Maybe I should have cut some cute faces out of nori or something.

Well, anyway, today I have Spam musubi, made with Spam Lite, and I am not joking. Spam Lite is lower on the fat, calories, and sodium, and includes a lot of poultry in place of pork. I have steamed pole beans and baked purple sweet potato because green and purple look so lovely together. Then there's crab rangoon gyoza, which are basically gyoza wrappers stuffed with crab rangon filling. I don't know if that makes them gyoza or rangoons, so I'm going to play it safe and say they're both. And finally, I have - no, not more crab thingies, but banana rangoon gyoza. I ran out of crab mix and had some gyoza wrappers, so, what the heck, I cut up some banana and used that to make little fruit pies. They get both the gyoza and rangoon titles so they won't be intimidated by the crab things.

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