My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 428: Golden Brown


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Bad lighting Ahh, leftovers. Leftover rice, leftover shrimp, leftover shiitake, leftover everything. Put it together right and people wouldn't know it's stone soup unless you advertise it. So, here's some chirashi-zushi, takoyaki with mayonnaise, edamame, and a fruit salad made with grapes, palm seeds, and craisins. Finally, I have Nutter Butter cookies, and even those are leftovers. I brought them back from Dragon Con.

For me, Nutter Butters are the official cookie of giving blood. I used to give blood every time the Red Cross came by my office building, and then sit at the table munching Nutter Butters and drinking fruit juice. But then the Red Cross decided that I have Mad Cow Disease and stopped taking my blood. The blood drive at Dragon Con was by another organization... one that always flunks me because my iron level is low by 0.1%. My blood isn't good enough for anybody any more. But they did give me a T-shirt and some cookies for trying.

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