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Lunch Box 430: Glorious chaos


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Jumble sale Over a year ago I tried making inari-zushi (rice in a seasoned bag of fried tofu) and was quite unsatisfied with the results. So unsatisfied that I pretty much put it out of my mind, and managed to forget that I'd made it before. Well, last weekend I found some inari tofu wrappers and decided to give it a go. And this time it turned out pretty good! So here's a lunch that includes inari-zushi, smoked salmon sushi, stir-fried vegetables, a star-shaped boiled egg, and mochi.

This lunch may look like it was thrown randomly into the box, but there actually is an underlying order. I like the "treasure chest" look, where at first you see a jumble of good things rather than discrete portions. However, because of my fussy type-A style I rarely manage to do that.

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