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Lunch Box 432: Got starch?


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Open purses Every so often I'll have a thought out of the blue: "It's been a while since I last made ____. Guess I'll make it again." And I'll make it, and then I'll wonder why I forgot about it in the meantime. Well, that led to me cooking up some soba. Not yakisoba, just soba noodles topped with stir-fried vegetables, and by the time you put yakisoba sauce over that the distinction begins to blur. Anyhow, soba is good. Hooray for rediscovery.

On the other side I have yet more inari-zushi. Look, the pack had a dozen pieces that had to be cooked all at once, and I don't know how well they refreeze, so I'm gonna keep it up until I run out! (Besides, they really are tasty.) And there's also little wedges of steamed purple sweet potato to serve as stabilizers to hopefully keep everything else from slopping all around in there, and finally a muffin cup full of palm seeds and grapes.

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