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Lunch Box 433: Odenizoid


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Nyum Don't'cha hate it when you're in the mood to make something, then find out you don't have enough ingredients to make it properly? I wanted oden, but I didn't have any fish balls or naruto, or a few other things on the ingredients list. Fortunately, when you're making a stew you can fudge a bit on the ingredients as long as you keep to the spirit of the thing. So, substituted kamaboko for fish balls & naruto, added konbu ('cause finally I have that) and tweaked it a few other ways, and dang if this doesn't taste just like previous batches of oden. Better, because I'm no longer using light soy sauce, which is uber-salty.

On the side I have steamed broccoli and part of a storebought melon pan. The box isn't the loveliest one, but it can't be beat when it comes to keeping items from sloshing around. I didn't want to face fish-flavored melon pan.

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