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Lunch Box 436: Hidden rice


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Clutter! Not much to say about this lunch other than the undeniable fact that oden over ricezucchini & onion stir-fry, and mochi are all very tasty. Well, OK, you could deny that fact, and in so doing dispute its factuality.  If you wish to, go right ahead, I don't mind.

Oh, one thing - I packed the rice as a buffer between the oden and zucchini & squash and the mochi. I didn't want the sweet mochi to get all wet and seafoody or vegetabley, so I arranged it so any spare juice would get absorbed by the rice. I'd heard of people putting rice on top of stews and other potentially messy items to act as a kind of lid, so I turned it upside down to let the rice act as a... diaper?

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