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Lunch Box 437: The flavor purple


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Organized potatoes Another weekend, another trip to 99 Ranch Market, another grocery bag full of strange and wonderful foods to cook up. I went nuts in the kitchen afterwards, and this lunch is only the first installment.

To begin with, here are some stir-fried vegetables. Carrots, sugar peas, scallion, broccoli, and zucchini from my garden. Nothing too odd there. But they're resting on a bed of lavender satoimo noodles. Satoimo is also known as taro, which is also known as "those weird hairy little roots." I saw a package of light purple noodles, and how could I possibly resist? They taste nice, a little firmer and more slippery than wheat noodles.

Now that my supply is replenished I can once again serve my signature baked purple sweet potato. Yes! I added a boiled egg after realizing that this lunch was short in the protein department, and finished off with a few small slices of banana bread.

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