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Lunch Box 438: Oh, honey!


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Protein afterthought What an assortment of... assorted things. To start out with, I have a pair of inari-zushi. These aren't quite part of the same batch I've recently posted. I'd had some other tofu pockets left over in my freezer from long before, which I had thought bland and tasteless, yet which I hadn't thrown out because... well, just because. I got the idea to soak them in the juice left over from the more recent package, which did taste good, and lo and behold, they became worth eating after all. So, I finally did use them up, which is good, because if they'd stayed any longer I would have had to start charging them rent.

And I have honey-baked kabocha with ginger. It was easy to make, and came out beautifully on the first try. The squash was a bit small, but it wasn't green and unripe as it looks in that photo. Then there's steamed broccoli and a steamed bun. Then I realized I had forgotten the protein, cast about for something quick & simple (since by this time my kitchen already looked like a war zone) and ended up with sorta-kinda turkey bacon kebabs. Okay, they look silly, but I was not in the mood to do any more cooking! And for dessert, a mochi.

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