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Lunch Box 439: Meat & potatoes & potatoes


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Hungry Man Bento Today's bento box is not one of my prettier ones, but, being airtight and well-divided, it's the best I have for stewlike dishes, of which today's niku jyaga (Japanese meat & potatoes) is one. And I followed that up with more potato, namely baked purple sweet potato, and since it is both sweet and purple I officially declare that it is in a different food group, so there is no actual repetition here. Then there's some more honey-baked kabocha, a little stand of steamed broccoli, and a mochi.

Cooking this batch of niku jyaga was quite hard. Not that the recipe itself is difficult - it's quite easy, In fact - but I was hungry when I started, and it takes about an hour to make. The last 15 minutes seemed so long.

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