My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 444: Health food, I guess


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It needs some red. Last week my doctor told me that I'm borderline anemic. Ho hum, what else is new? But watery blood means low stamina, which leads to poor DDR scores, and I can't be havin' with that. So, I'm trying to iron out my diet a little. We'll see how long that lasts, considering that the best food for iron, according to her, is liver. After last week's disastrous attempt at cooking shad roe, which most emphatically did not end up in one of my bento boxes, I've had enough of viscera for the foreseeable future.

So! Here we have salmon saka-mushi, which is salmon and mushrooms and carrots and things baked in tinfoil to keep the juices in. Under that and off to the side are cubes of grilled tofu. Up above I have ohitashi, made without soy sauce (soy sauce in spinach is another thing I can't be havin' with) but with a container of mayonnaise on the side (because I can definitely be havin' spinach with that). And there's also some baked purple sweet potato and banana bread.

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