My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 453: Will the real octopus please stand up?


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My chocolate!  MINE! I like octopus. I like the pretty spiral tentacles and the weird things you can do with them. Case in point: today's octopus-infested rice, which has tentacles harvested from the recent batch of octopus fritters rising from a bed of otherwise-innocent rice. On the other side I have steamed broccoli and some baked buttercup squash. When I saw the buttercup squash in the grocery store I thought it was kabocha, and sure enough, they are both members of the species cucurbita maxima. When I cooked it I couldn't tell any difference in flavor or texture between this and kabocha, so I guess it's safe to say that the two are pretty well interchangeable. I'm not posting a recipe because I think it needs to be tweaked a bit before the result is different enough from steamed kabocha to be worthwhile.

On top of the orange and green is a jumbo hot dog octopus, apparently trying to upstage the rice dish. It is coveting a Dove chocolate. I'm glad hot dog octopi can't open sealed plastic wrappers.

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