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Lunch Box 462: Three things


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Simplicity This past weekend I got up the energy to make a batch of pseuki yaki. It's a big production, involving boiling soup bones for many hours and prepping the various ingredients. When all is said and done I have a cauldron full of deliciousness, and that is not a small cauldron either, so don't be surprised if you see it again in the near future.

Ahem! Anyway, here's pseuki yaki over rice and a pair of satsumas. I wanted something for dessert that wouldn't get all contaminated by the pseuki yaki juice (even though the rice should keep that under control, but still...) and I just happened to have this big box of satsumas (AKA mikans, AKA mandarin oranges) that I acquired on my first-ever trip to Trader Joe's.

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