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Lunch Box 463: Pretty carrots


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COLORS! Today I have, surprise surprise, more pseuki yaki. Note the muted browns and tans and greens and stuff, because that's it for subtlety today. Next comes a black & white onigiri surrounded by baked purple sweet potato. Up above that are edamame and steamed multicolored carrots - everything that's not green in there is a carrot! Well, except for the unmelted butter, which I should have put in the bottom for prettiness's sake. And finally, dragon fruit. Hmm, I think I got every color but blue in there today.

The carrots are another part of my Trader Joe's plunder. I saw a bag of... carrots and parsnips? No, they're all carrots, and there were a few red ones in there. I love carrots - they're my general snack food, always got an open bag of 'em in the fridge - and I'm a sucker for oddly-colored food like blood oranges and purple potatoes, so into my cart it went!

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