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Lunch Box 464: Puppy/food


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Please welcome the new purple. Today's lunch begins with - shock and surprise! - pseuki yaki. Oh, honey, if you saw the amount in my fridge and freezer... but having that ready to dish out frees me to try some new things, like the carrot & raisin salad I made with some more of those red, orange, and yellow carrots. I remember having this stuff when I was a little kid, and since I like carrots so much, why not? It turned out great, although I remembered why I don't often use recipes that require the use of a grater. I somehow managed to grate my thumb knuckle, and if you've ever done that you know the gruesomeness that follows. Still, the salad was worth it. (And it'll be worth it in the future to be a little more flippin' careful with the grater.)

And then I have steamed purple cauliflower. Now, normally I don't care for cauliflower. There are better-tasting brassicas out there for me. But I spied, half-hidden at the bottom of the display, a single purple head of cauliflower. As you might have figured out, to me any purple vegetable is the produce equivalent of a big-eyed puppy in a pet ship window. You know, the one who, when you make eye contact and approach it gets up and, gazing at you as if you were its savior, steps forward, wagging its tail hopefully, and before you know it you're putting newspapers down in your spare room. Anyone got any good puppy cauliflower recipes?

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