My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 465: I have weird leftovers.


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Stoopid bank robber. I had plans yesterday. I was going to cook some niku-jyaga and it was gonna be awesome. And then I got trapped in the highway because the police shut it down for a manhunt. No joke, they were going car to car, searching some for a bank robber who had been slipped a tracking device. It was all on the news, so if the robber turned on his radio he probably took out the tracking thingie and snuck it onto someone else's car. Anyway, I got home very late, hungry, angry, and in no mood to wait another hour or so until the food was ready to eat. At times like this, leftovers and a small stockpile of frozen food are lifesavers.

So what did I have left over? The freezer offered me crab rangoon gyoza, which I gratefully accepted. The fridge had boiled baby octopus - doesn't everyone have some of that in their fridge? - stir-fried zucchini peel, and a few bits of steamed purple cauliflower. The freezer then upped the ante with chocolate chip melon pan. Wham, bam, and 5 minutes later I'm closing the lid on my lunch box.

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