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Lunch Box 466: Packing material


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Today's lunch is sponsored by the number three. Happy day-after-Veterans'-Day to ye in the US. I spent most of the time I would have been cooking visiting a friend in the hospital.  (She used to be in the Army, so I could claim that it was my way of showing respect for those who put their lives on the line, but really I just wanted to see her. Get well, Laurie.)

Anyhow, here are the leftovers of the day, starting with niku jyaga on spaghetti squash. This time my spaghetti squash came out nice and crisp, as opposed to soft and noodly like last time. I don't know which is "correct," if I overcooked it before or undercooked it this time, but I find the slight crunch pleasant. I wondered how it would taste after soaking up some niku jyaga juice, and here's how to find out. Then there's ohitashi - spinach balls, with some mayo in the yellow container instead of the traditional soy sauce ('cause that's how I like it, okay?), and ggul ddeok, which are little Korean rice cakes stuffed with a little bit of honey and sesame seeds.

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