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Lunch Box 469: Veggie noodles


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Almost vegetarian Another evening with a leftovers-filled fridge, another wacky food experiment. Today's nutty idea is spaghetti squash yakisoba, which is like regular yakisoba, but instead of noodles I used spaghetti squash. Or you could think of it as a simple vegetable stir-fry, but I like my version better because it sounds all healthy and dietetic and stuff. Besides, it's not all vegetable - there are chunks of chicken in there too. Laying on top of all that are a few slabs of baked purple sweet potato, with the skin on the bottom to keep the flavors from mixing with the stir-fry. On the side I have a satsuma and a half moon rice cake.

Man. When you're single, a spaghetti squash lasts a long time. Every day this week I've taken out a fork, twirled out another batch of "noodles," and considered what else I can do with the stuff. A 5-pound box of satsumas lasts a long time too. Good thing I really like oranges!

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