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Lunch Box 477: These are the beans that never end


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Rapunzel beans Long beans sure are long. If I hadn't cut them in half they would have gone all the way around the box!  And if you thought those long-long noodles were difficult to eat without getting sloppy, well...

Anyway! Today I have Spam musubi made with some more pink beet rice. Pink Spam, pink rice - it's like an edible Valentine's Day. And I have pork & shrimp dumplings alternating with simmered shiitake mushrooms, because I thought that the sauce I simmered the mushrooms in would add a nice flavor to the dumplings. I have the aforementioned steamed long beans, whose unwieldiness is more than balanced by their neatoness. Finally, I have a half moon rice cake, and if that bean thinks it can sneak a bite, it has another think coming.

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