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Lunch Box 479: The color purple


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The color purple Today's lunch is sponsored by the colors purple, green, and white. I have marinated, stir-fried tofu, marinated in some leftover pseuki yaki broth. Then there's imo-gohan, which is rice cooked with Japanese sweet potato. It's not normally purple, but for another recipe I boiled some purple sweet potato, and it just seemed appropriate to use that water to cook this rice, y'know? Anyway, sweet potato rice is light and slightly sweet, and good cold-weather food. Next I have steamed broccoli, drizzled with lemon butter left over from last night's crab leg feast. And, finally, a slice of purple sweet potato pie, which was the source of the purple potato water.

Hmm. This is almost a vegetarian meal. If I didn't make pseuki yaki with beef broth, it would be.

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