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Lunch Box 482: One Bento, With Footnotes


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An Embutterance Some people like to stick with a national theme in their bentos. Japanese food, or Korean, or American (whatever that is). Well, my theme is eclecticness.* I have stir-fried crab sticks & vegetables, which is basically Japanese yakisoba without the soba. Then I have British Yorkshire pudding topped with melted butter. Incidentally, I didn't make it the traditional way, with beef drippings; I used drippings from Thanksgiving.** And finally, I have purple sweet potato pie, which is a twist on what I think is a North American dish. ***

Wanna talk about it?

* Is that a word? my spell checker says no.
** Yes, I have been saving a container of turkey drippings specifically for this.
*** According to Wikipedia, it is, and Wikipedia is never wrong.