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Lunch Box 486: Gimme two


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Crustacean chopsticks Today I have a snow crab claw. I loves me some snow crab. It hardly ever shows up in my bento box because it is never left over after dinner!  But this time I set aside a claw, and here it is. It's resting on a bed of soba noodles into which I mixed a little lemon butter - I didn't like the idea of yakisoba sauce in this meal - which is surrounded by steamed broccoli. On the other side is a trimmed-to-fit slice of purple sweet potato pie, and a few mini-carrots as packing material.

That crab claw looks like a head. Possibly some sort of long-necked aquatic dinosaur, the kind that catches fish with a long, many-toothed snout. Why yes, I do read National Geographic; why do you ask?

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