My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 487: The sequel to dinner


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Mixing modes What do you do when you want to have this and that and the other for dinner, but a whole serving of each would be too much and you don't want to stuff your fridge with leftover half-servings? Pack 'em for the next day's lunch, of course.

So, here I have many things, beginning with a vegan hot dog in a cafeteria roll-based bun. The bun is made with eggs and butter, so I'm worried that it and the lump of soy may reject each other by lunchtime. The little blue container has ketchup, because frankly these vegan dogs taste much better when you drown them in ketchup. Then there's some okonomiyaki, baked Japanese sweet potato, baked purple sweet potato, steamed broccoli, soba noodles, and banana bread.

I could top this for eclecticism, but I might have to just close my eyes and chuck things from my fridge into my bento box to do it.

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