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Lunch Box 489: Beef with a side of beef


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Just like the Human Inn used to make I haven't made beef & broccoli stir-fry in a while. Why's that? Well, here is a batch of it. The sauce thickened up a little more than expected, making it look a little swampy, but that's a cosmetic issue I could have overcome by thinking to lay a piece of broccoli over it before taking the photo. Oh well. On the side I have sukiyaki soba noodles, which is your basic soba boiled in some of the copious amounts of broth left over from my most recent batch of sukiyaki. That off-white color is beefy deliciosity cooked right into the noodle. And finally, I have a piece of sesame mochi, which I didn't make myself and thus can't say anything about except that it tastes nice.

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