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Lunch Box 491: Chicken meatloaf onna stick


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Chicken meatloaf onna stick Here's part 2 of my recent kitchen-ninja binge" tsukune, which is balls of ground chicken and stuff, grilled and sauced and skewered. There's some steamed snow peas, baked Japanese sweet potato, and baked purple sweet potato. And finally, a fruit salad made with apple, persimmon, and pink orange.

I've heard of pink grapefruit, but pink orange is new to me. I found these in 99 Ranch Market. They were regular-looking navel oranges, but with "red flesh." Huh? Out of curiosity I got some. They are just a little sourer than a regular orange, and the rind is so tough they are impossible to peel. Googling around, I see that this is probably a Cara Cara orange.

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