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Lunch Box 496: Nurse, hand me that pizza cutter, stat!


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Pizza? Presentation counts. All of this stuff - smoked salmon sushi, steamed broccoli, baked Japanese sweet potato, pizza, and a fruit salad made with apple, persimmon, and pink orange - is delicious. However, isn't it a bit weird to see pizza in among all that other healthy and/or Asian-type stuff? (The pizza is homemade, and is a whole lot healthier than regular pizza because it's non-greasy.) But what I really shouldn't have done was slice the pizza into little squares. Sure, it's easier to eat with chopsticks that way, but pizza cut into squares reminds me uncomfortably of school cafeteria pizza. Ugh!

Thankfully, I was able to subdivide it into triangles, which de-ughified it.

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