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Lunch Box 498: Actually nontoxic


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Lemon curry? When people have suggested in the past that I cook curry, I've firmly refused on the grounds that 1) I hate hot spices, as they render food inedible to me, 2) all of my memories of curry were of meals that my parents loved and I could not eat, so 3) why in the world should I bother with that crud?

I eventually decided that, what the heck, I've cooked jellyfish before, so I could take a chance on curry. I bought a package of the mild stuff. Then, a few months later, when I had a fridge full of leftovers to fall back on should it turn out as bad as I remembered, I made it. And... amazingly, it was good.

So, here's some of that batch of chicken & vegetable curry over rice. It is flanked by my everpresent baked purple sweet potato and steamed broccoli, and I have some carrot & raisin salad for dessert.

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