My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 500: 111110100 in binary


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whoop-dee doo. I might have done something special for my 500th bento lunch, but nature precluded that by dropping snow on Atlanta, causing its commuters to completely forget how to drive and ensuring that I got home late, cold, and hungry. So, here's a box full of Nothing Special! Crab & cucumber sushi, rolled inside-out and sprinkled with sesame seeds, and spaced with grape tomatoes. Boiled spinach the way I like it, which is with a big glob of mayonnaise. Marinated, stir-fried tofu, which kind of looks like cubes of chicken but tastes nothing like it, believe it or not. And a piece of mochi, which is filled with anko.

So - happy 500th lunch for me. Yay.

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