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Lunch Box 502: Inspired!


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Where are the hamhocks? I find inspiration in the unlikeliest places. For example, while listening to the radio in the morning I heard that Kroger had a sale on pork chops for $1.50 a pound. Shoot, yeah! So I got 4 pounds of swineflesh - of course the sale was only on family packs - and I made My Mom's Pork Chops and served 'em over rice.

I was also inspired by prices to get some collard greens. Not because they were on sale, but the other greens were priced so high. So I got this huge bunch of green leaves, and... how do I cook them? Every recipe I Googled up called for hamhocks. Oddly enough, I don't have pig ankles in my fridge. So, what the heck, I just made some boiled collard greens, same as I do with other greens, and ate it with mayonnaise. Not bad, but I wouldn't mind finding some more interesting ways to prepare the stuff. Finally, up top I have some mini-carrots and fudge. No recipe for the fudge, unfortunately, as it was given to me at a very belated Christmas party.

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