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Lunch Box 503: Secondary colors


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texturefest Yesterday I mentioned cooking up a big batch of My Mom's Pork Chops - well, here's some more of that, with baked Japanese sweet potato. I thought I was being original with the stir-fried red cabbage, but then I saw that I've cooked that once before. Sheesh, I forget my own cooking! Then there's some edamame, san bai zu carrots (sorta), and mochi.

Regarding the carrots... this was a recipe I got out of a book, and the whole recipe was called "san bai zu," but looking elsewhere I find that that's just the name of the sauce, or marinade, or whatever you want to call the liquid part. And the book's recipe doesn't match up with the other recipes I've found - it lacks sugar, for one thing - and the result I got was very vinegary carrots. So, no recipe for that yet. I'll post a recipe when I find one I'm happy with.

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