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Lunch Box 506: Exactly how Southern am I?


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Yeehaw. I've mentioned before that I'm a Southerner. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Co-Cola. And I call it that, too. Well, here's a bento box full of Southern fare! Barbecue rotisserie chicken - those things last a while of you're single - boiled collard greens with mayonnaise on the side, light-fried plantains, corn bread - sorry, no recipe, as it came in a box - and fudge.

However, I found one of the boundaries to my Southernness. Before cooking this I went to Kroger and found hamhocks, which so many collard greens recipes call for. And... I said forget it, there's no way I'm eating anything that's been cooked with those. I regularly eat octopus, and I've even eaten jellyfish, but pig feet (or, indeed, any part of the pig which isn't muscle tissue) is where I draw the line!

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