My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 512: Food for the sicky


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Easy to cook! I've had a cold for a while now, and it flared up big-time late last week, hence my recent absence. Also hence this lunch, which is composed entirely of totally-easy-to-cook stuff. Cut up a bunch of veggies and some chicken and make chicken & vegetable curry! Boil some frozen edamame! Cut up some persimmon and pick out some pomegranate seeds! There, it's lunch! Well, actually dinner, and the next day's lunch.

By the way, this was made with a new package of curry. Yes, I bought a new package of curry, which means I must admit to liking the stuff. Those of you who remember me refusing to try it in the past because of my memories of mouth-searing spiciness have permission to point at me and laugh.

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