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Lunch Box 514: Little bundles


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pickup sticks When I have bacon and I have enoki mushrooms, it is only a matter of time before I make obimake enoki, which are little bundles of enoki mushrooms wrapped with a belt - an obi - of bacon. For once this is real bacon, not turkey bacon, which makes this positively decadent by my standards. Up above those are some steamed long beans, this time cut into reasonable lengths so I don't look like I'm eating green licorice whips, and baked purple sweet potato. A bit of curried lotus slices fills in a gap left by my shortsightedly running out of potato. Up above, there's persimmon and pomegranate seeds.

This persimmon was hard to cut!  When I sawed through it I found out why: it had seeds. Big ones. I've never seen seeds in a persimmon before.

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