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Lunch Box 517: Lunch under the weather


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Just various stuff For the past several weeks I've been sick off and on, which explains the infrequent lunch posts - when I'm ill I am not in the mood for fancy cooking, and PBJ sandwiches and tomato soup are not interesting enough to be worth posting. But the discovery that pseudoephrine (AKA classic Sudafed) is still on the market has made a huge difference in my recent quality of life. So, I'm back, and if my writing seems a little goofy, well, blame the pseudoephrine for that too.

So! Here's some stir-fried vegetables, takoyaki, baked Japanese sweet potato, and curried lotus slices. The potato is mainly hiding under the takoyaki, but you can see a little bit in the center. This lunch is nothing too fancy, but it's a step up from peanut butter.

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