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Lunch Box 524: Rolled around


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Round and rolled things It's been a while since I posted. My absence hasn't been because of lack of interest in bentoing, or some disaster in my life. Rather, I was blitzing on a story, and to make sure I didn't lose momentum I spent nearly all of my spare time at the keyboard. I did pack bento lunches, but as my cooking time was pre-empted I didn't think people would be that interested in them. (Hamburger Helper in a bento box. That has to be a sin somehow.)

Anyway, I've got the first draft done, so it's back to the kitchen for me! Back to basics, starting with futomaki, AKA big fat sushi, stuffed with egg, crab sticks, shiitake, cucumber, and ikura. Got baked purple sweet potato of course, edamame also of course, rolled omelet, and an manjuu. Ahhh, it's good to be back to decent lunches!

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