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Lunch Box 529: Meatloaf is an adjective


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Hooray for colors! New food I learn to make! Meatloaf! Yeah, laugh it up, fuzzball, but I've never made meatloaf before. Good meatloaf is gooood. What I made on my first try, and of which you see a cupcake-sized serving in this picture, is good, but my Mom gave me some suggestions to make it better, so I'm going to hold off on posting an official recipe until I try her ideas.

(But if you really want a quick recipe, here's what I did: take a pound of lean ground beef, an egg, half a cup of breadcrumbs, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of rolled sage, and a couple tablespoons of tomato paste. Dice up half an onion real fine. Chop up a few inches of broccoli stalk equally fine. Mix it all together. Put it in a loaf pan, making it about 2 inches deep.  Cover it all with tomato sauce or ketchup. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Serve with more ketchup.)

And then there's more stuff: steamed broccoli and baked Purple Peruvian potato, which I'm not sure is actually Peruvian but it sure is purple; some mango; a giant mutant strawberry that I couldn't bear to cut up; and some tamarinds, which are good for freaking out my coworkers.

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