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Lunch Box 530: No liver or kee-yanty


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I don't like liver. Today's color-box meal includes grilled chicken, baked purple potato, sauteed fava beans, some white mountain bread toast, strawberries, and raisins.

Fava beans. When I saw these in the farmer's market I had to grab some, despite my not having any earthly idea what to do with them. I'd heard about them the same way most everyone else has, and I had to see what they were. Simply put, they're beans that come in thick pods, take forever to cook because you have to get them out of the pods and then parboil them and then shell every single bean, and which you can cook like lima beans. These don't have the yuck factor that I remember from lima beans, though. Anyway, I found an easy recipe that involved sauteeing them in garlic butter and went with that.

More purple potatoes! I'm pretty sure those aren't Purple Peruvian potatoes, as I've seen them under several brands in various grocery stores. They seem just to be purple Idaho potatoes, and taste like other mini-spuds.

...I have to admit, I lied about the chicken. That's not technically grilled. After I cooked the beans I had some garlic butter left over in a hot pan and some raw chicken that needed cooking. So, I cut the chicken in half to make it thin enough to pan fry and did just that. The result is pretty much the same, except I didn't have to clean out my grill afterward.

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