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Lunch Box 533: Loafing but not lazy


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meat 'n' taters! All right. After consulting with my mother, who is a highly respected professional (flutist), I have baked a meatloaf that is... you know how good meatloaf can be really good? Yeah. Like that. Who knew that toast in the bottom of the loaf pan before baking would soak up the grease? (The toast peels off easily afterward.) I can't get a recipe out of my mother because she doesn't use 'em, but I can get some good advice!

So! Here we have meatloaf, which looks a lot better in person than in this photo, no thanks to my bad kitchen lighting, baked Japanese sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and red grapes. The little red container is full of ketchup for the meatloaf. I like mine nice and ketchuppy.

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