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Lunch Box 540: Nuclear rice


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Chicken a l'orange Today I have some yakitori over rice, steamed broccoli, a fruit salad made with pineapple, grapes, and coconut gel. And none of the food was bizarrely colored, and the rice did not shine with a light of its own. I think that my camera has been having freak-outs because of my kitchen lighting. If you think this is bad, you should have seen it before I massaged it with Photoshop.

This time I grilled the yakitori up properly, with the wire rack from my wok on top of a large skillet. The result was great, but I don't know if I'll cook it that way again, as the sauce I repeatedly brushed onto the chicken contained sugar, which dripped into the skillet and stayed there... you can see where this is going, right? Thankfully, I was able to save the skillet.

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