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Lunch Box 541: Stuff to eat


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Potato a l'purple Hmm.  What clever things can I say about beef & broccoli stir-fry, baked purple potatoes, and chocolate chip melon pan? Well, purple potatoes are plenty nifty, but they kind of stand on their own and speak for themselves. Broccoli beef isn't particularly amazing, but it tastes really nice and stuff. As for the melon pan, I cut it because I would have had a hard time fitting it all in without squeezing out some of the potatoes. I have no idea why I didn't put the cut edge against the top of the box.

Completely off-topic, if you just happen to find yourself at a screening of a movie titled Nerdcore Rising, look for me. I'm the woman in the denim jacket and red MC Frontalot T-shirt at the sale table in Atlanta.  I'm on the right side on the screen, right in the front, for all of 5 seconds. My name is also in the credits. Anyone want my autograph?

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