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Lunch Box 551: All-natural blue


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Meat loaf, corn bread, bread fruit. Sense a bread theme here? Last year I went on a blue-food-making jag. Nearly all of said blue foods involved food coloring. Well, here's some more blue for ya, and this time the color is all-natural: blue country cornbread. It's just like regular cornbread, but the cornmeal was made from blue corn. The regular cornbread recipe, by the way, comes to us courtesy of my coworker Maria. (The cornbread really is light blue; they gray look comes courtesy of my weird kitchen lighting and lack of photography skillz.)

Then there's meatloaf, which is actually more like meat & vegetable loaf, as by volume it's half grated-up carrot & zucchini & mushroom. Maybe I should call it a V-8 Loaf. And there's steamed breadfruit and steamed kabocha, both pre-dipped in melted lemon butter, and fresh longans

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