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Icon with Zoom Lines Today I have unagi no kabayaki over rice - that's grilled eel to you. Which isn't that weird, since an eel is just a long, thin fish. Eel is to fish as snake is to lizard.  Hmm, maybe that isn't the best way to put it...

There's also some steamed sugar snap peas, and dorayaki made with corn pancakes. Those are basically pancakes made with cornmeal instead of wheat flour, or, looking at it another way, cornbread pancakes. The recipe I have isn't that sweet, so it needs honey or sugar. Or, in this case, the anko in the middle of the dorayaki, which actually goes quite well with cornbread.

I just now noticed how much the dorayaki resembles the icons from ReBoot. And, by an amazing coincidence, the ReBoot Revival has finally taken off, with the first issue of the webcomic now live! What are the odds, huh?

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