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Lunch Box 585: A bit of Priest


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The worst pies in Georgia Today I have some meat pie. Normally I make those in a muffin tin so I end up with small pies just ready to be dropped into a bento box, but this time around I had a few preformed crusts to use up, so I made it in a regular pie dish. The result: it tastes just the same, it's just not as handy to pick up in your bare hand. No problem if you're like me and are willing to tear food up with your chopsticks.

Then there's some baked Japanese sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and strawberries. The anko turnovers were a whim, made because I had some pie crust left over after I cut it to the shape of the pie dish. I just mushed it up, rolled it out, and filled it with some anko I had on hand. They turned out quite nicely.

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