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Lunch Box 592: Stir-fry


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Lotus root comin at'cha What do you do when you are making my mom's pork chops and you find you have one more pork chop than will fit on the baking sheet? Simple - make pork & vegetable stir-fry the next day. This batch of stir-fry has shiitake, carrot, lotus root, onion, zucchini, broccoli, and maybe a few other things I'm forgetting right now. I basically wandered through my fridge until I had enough stuff to cook up.

On the other side I have baked purple sweet potato, a strawberry, and a mochi.

By the way, this past weekend I went to my sister's house and introduced her & her family to yakiudon and melon pan. Both were a hit, the former more with the adults and the latter especially with her kids.

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