My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 593: Manly!


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More improv sushi Today's lunch is manly. For starters, it's packed in a men's bento box. You can tell it's for men because... um, it's black. Pastels are so womany, you know? And it contains chirashi-zushi, which may or may not be manly, but I'll say it is because otherwise the theme collapses and I get all confused and start writing nonsense.


There's also flavored lotus slices, which I simmered in some juice left over from a recent batch of niku jyaga, some edamame, and almond jelly. As I forgot to pack anything to eat that slippery jelly with, wish me luck. If I can't manage it with my chopsticks I'll be picking it up with my hands.

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